Zero Estate and Capital Properties are top real estate firms in Mckview city – “a strong city for strong men that do strong things”. Both firms are very rich and comfortable. Both firms are faithful and high tax payers. Both firms are equally the real sponsors of the government in power and in this city, you don’t bite the hand that fed you be you a politician, force person, corporate executive, employee or a street soldier.
Street Ten is the longest, busiest place in Mckview city. Every company will do whatever they can to pitch their tenet at street Ten and if you do so you are sure to find out that its most worth it. Maskete Corporations wants to sell one of her two properties at street Ten and use the money to widened her base at the international market. Maskete Corporation will not sell to the highest bidder, No you dare not do such things or you wake up and find your office burnt down next day. You sell to the strongest bidder that meets your price. As faith would have it, two strong Bulls are highly interested this time.

Zero Estate and Capital Properties are in for real and as a result of this, tensions went high in the city. Street deaths rose to a glaring 73% within  a week, Harsh words are exchanged here and there by executives and shareholders of the two Rottweiler. This property alone has the capacity of boosting each firms profit a Hundred to two hundred percent over. Everywhere in the city and much more on Street Ten, street soldiers are marched out obviously with their metal dangling at their waste or strapped under their jackets waiting for the slightest provocation to fire. As for the police, you dare not move a muscle or else you will come back home and find your wife, children and parents dead and burnt naked.

Maskete Corporations wants to sell and must sell but if they suddenly don’t want to sell, that is an act of war by interpretation of the street code order. Zero estate and Capital Properties will have no option but to wage the war against Maskete then. But Maskete would not do such things and in selling the property their hands are tied as to who they will sell to: - “will you sell to Dark Dog or to Dirty Dog”. Meanwhile street Ten is busy drinking more and more blood and lives are wasted, properties burnt all in a bid for each firm to intimidate the other and get them to surrender. But nobody wants to bow.
As the night refuse to part but lingered with time more and more, the government got to their heels and acted decisively through the Revenue Service. Quickly, the government indicted Maskete Corporation for tax fraud, but made no arrests, Instead they took over the property calling it a “fair bargain” for the tax not paid by Maskete. Also, they strongly refused to sell the property and made it a public by word that “government is not interested any bit in selling street Ten, 24 property to anyone. Underneath the surface, the government invited Maskete Corporations and paid them for the property with an incentive of a conditional 5% tax waiver for a month to make up for damages on their reputation.

On the property, “FOREST ZONE: A 56 High rise building estate with the least building being 35 stories tall and all are fully occupied except the Maskete Admin office building”- The government converted it to a public property and invited Zero estate and Capital Properties to buy shares in it. This they warmly accepted and each owned 29% shares.