The dawn is very bright and bustling with life. Trees, birds, man and the earth were in Awe at the cool summon of a calm weather tickled by the Rising Sun after a Night of heavy down pour. Sani lost touch of all these, as he was clinching tightly on a bar of his prison cell door, Sobbing variously at the turn out of his life.
He grew up not knowing father or mother, as an outcast in the Northern part of Nigeria generally known as “Almajiri”, born by legitimate but timid parents who threw their blessing back to earth when the boy is but below five. This left the boy wondering about and then in the process learns from experience of life as he struggle to survive. Hence, these boys grew together begging for alms on the street, stealing and became very handy instruments for terrorist gangs to recruit and breed into suicide bombing, maiming human beings in a quest to please a so called divine existence who rewards them at death with luxury and 21 virgins.
Sani missed joining this gang and saw it as a great opportunity lost. He lost it because when the offer came for his circle of friends/brothers, he was out there begging for alms to feed for the day. It is the same day that he lost one of his limb after stealing money from the pocket of Alhaji Ibrahim, who quickly found out and in a blaze of anger his boys ran after Sani(caught him) and before the sun will go down for the day he has been judged by a sharia court and the verdict was to cut off one of his limb immediately.

Many days after Sani recovered from bleeding, grace beckoned on him to meet Peter who introduced him to Alhaji Below, a rich trader. Alhaji Bello wanted to help Sani but he couldn’t as Sani failed to become Mr. Bello Sales boy at Mr. Bellow Beans shop due to handicap and low self-esteem. And also he failed to become one of Mr. Bellow’s keke (tricycle) transport drivers due to insecurity and lack of confidence.
After loosing his limb, Sani attempted to do some mean jobs like becoming a Mason, learning carpentry, serving as an apprentice in a mechanic shop but each time he ended up again and again fighting with co-workers and being thrown out as the villain, trouble maker, empty headed, dull dump fool.
Sani’s desperation to survive and live as a 22 year old boy led him to Mishaps. At the mechanic shop he found much favor in the eye of one Mrs. Tracy who always wanted Sani to check he car and find what is wrong with it. It was clear to every eye that she had plans to help Sani but all that packed up when Sani mischievously removed her new car battery and sold it to a nearby buyer and then replaced it with a fairly used one. But fate will not let him scale through that as the plot leaked and even though Mrs . Tracy refused to punish Sani yet she withdraw all her favor and plans to help him.
After Sani was sacked from the Mechanic shop, it was not long that he met Amina, young pretty 13year old hawking sachet water on the street and generating some money for her parents. Sani loved Amina and she in turn found him very interesting. Because Amina is so charming, a lot of people after buying sachet water would leave the balance for her just to render her a little help. One day, after Amina finished her business for the day as usual, she went to see Sani to give him N100 from her excess and then said bye. But surprisingly, Sani was a little moody today. Amina as at other times tried to play with Sani, but that day their play gradually graduated to cuddling and the cuddling cunningly confined itself to sex. Amina’s virginity is broken.
Mrs. Salisu though she is illiterate, she is very keen on matters like this. As soon as Amina entered the house, the small hut they lived in, Mrs. Salisu nodded to herself; Surely something has gone wrong, maybe her great fear of which she dutifully hanged on Amina’s neck day after day telling her to keep off has happened. Yes her great fear of which she refused to prevent just because of the petty proceeds of Amina’s daily sales.
Quickly, by aggressive interrogation Mrs. Salisu was able to deduce the truth from Amina. She beckoned on Mr. Salisu her husband, “that Amina has been raped”, ‘a bride that was to be given out next month, to a rich Nigerian Politician’.  Just as the birds were about waking up with the morning the next day, Sani was mobbed into a Police cell from where he finally ended up in prison for “raping Amina, a 13 year old innocent girl”.
Sani have long been forgotten to die in prison. He has spent eight years in prison and today in his deep tears; he patiently waits for a Christian Prison Missionary coming to visit the inmates and give them some aid. Sani needs to confess his burden to someone. On the Arrival of the missionaries, Sani thoughtfully identified their leader, went straight to him and rolled out the menace of his life to him.
Fortunately, the Missionary in their capacity reopened the case and few months later Sani got out of prison. Under the missionary, Sani learnt shoe making, Got an artificial limb, excelled in his business and ended up winning “Best Designers Award” in a state sponsored Fashion Fair.