Inspector hills got up, picked up his uniform and dressed neatly, a delight of his heart”. He then sat down and carefully watched his bed pray whom, in his words, he has sufficiently swayed a sexual swoop. He licked his lips in satisfaction confident that the seventeen year “pretty fun” as he fondly refers to ladies, is by all indications a retard. She ran to him as he was driving pass the street at close of duty today. Seeing her, he slowed down the more and as she went straight to open the door and came in, he stopped picked her and drove onward slowly, perceiving that she is no threat at all.

He tried to find out from her what there i problem. But she just kept weeping, lamenting, murmuring. It was so obvious from her actions that she is a retard, quite young, fresh, and sweet. Unfortunately, inspector Hills eyes dos not let go of anything under the skirt. In order not to attract eye brows, inspector Hills calmed her down and quietly drove her to his apartment. Now that he has swaggered the swoop, it’s time to find out why she was lamenting. So he pinched her and got her sitting.

Miss Emily fell from an orange tree at five and months later, her parent gradually accepted the fact that she has turned retard despite all medical care she received. Her mom is CEO of a flourishing, highly rated Currier firm and the Dad owns and runs a five star hotel- His customers of mainly politicians, gamblers, spiritualists and human traffickers. He knows about this but then it’s a secret worth keeping because money is flowing heavily to him. One day Mr. Rodrigo Adams came back 11pm as usual and found his wife lying down but looking somehow pale, something is different about her. He exclaimed. “Honey am back, How do you do”. But she is still sleeping and refused to answer him. He then went close to wake her up and as he touched her, she is cold. Mrs. Adams “took in some tablets and got herself gone with the wind” long before her husband arrived.
 For a long while Mr. Adams and his daughter has been getting along somehow until one night that he came back and suddenly as he was about to rest, “he discovered that his genitals would no longer contain in his pants”. At the other room, lay Miss Emily, “Sweet little girl, sure a retard but her curves refuse to be retard and her breast is ever inviting.” Then he thought over it again – “what an opportunity to take, nobody to question him or her, surely she is a consolation from her late wife to him, and he gave birth to her so she is his property, then she is retard and certainly would not say a thing to defend herself. Oh, he thought to himself, what a pity, but then lets pop the cork and take a sip, after all just one night will not cause any harm”. So he took off straight away and into his 14 year old girl child, without resistance the deal got done. He has heard stories of parents that did similar thing but he was so sure his own will not turn out bad. Surprisingly, to him one night become nights of days and days become weeks, weeks to months and months ended years yet the deal has not stopped. He is still juggling and his daughter is still retard and getting along in the ride with him.

Inspector Hills suddenly become infuriated over “the poor little thing” before him as she motioned her fingers and giggled over and over “Father, me, rape, many days, many months, many years, non stop”. Quickly, to cover his own sins, inspector Hills scolded her never to say such things to anyone ever, that it is lawfully acceptable and that she should go back home quickly before her father comes back and that if the father comes back, whatever he wants she should keep being a good girl by doing so.

Sometime a Neighbor heard her cry in the night and informed the police. They came, but in the morning, to find out if anything was wrong but she chased them out in anger and called them “busy bodies and pleasure seekers”. Some weeks later on, Mr. Adams died in a ghastly motor accident and was burnt almost beyond recognition. This time as the police came to inform her on the demise of her dad, the officers noted that she is retard and Miss Emily was quickly relocated to a home and there fate dawned on her as she met Lady Theresa, a nurse who took particular interest on her as she resembled her own daughter very much. 

Due to Mrs. Theresa’s unrelenting care and much love, Emily recovered reasonably in few years and she was discharged. Instead of embracing the much wealth that was readily waiting for her, she rather followed her passion and got a job and taught nursery school pupils. Now 20 years afterward, Emily has long retired, opened her own school and is happily married to the love of her life. TCV