The history of Wurewane kindred spans 640 years and in many of this period, they have existed as a town, until a season came that two potential Royal families wanted at all cost to place their son as the next king. Both families are equally eligible to do so and none is ready to give up the opportunity at any cost. Hence, they threw the entire town into a fighting rampage and eventually divided it with Wane at far North and Wure at far South. This ended the physical battles but started a new war- stiff envy for the success/Development of each other.

Wure are more educated and as such have Academicians, Engineers, Architects, Scientist, Layers  and professional in many fields of study and are more developed while the Wane are more inclined to the force and so have many Army Generals, Intelligence officers, Police chiefs and are also developed to some extent.
Wure town elders invited the sitting Police chief, a native of another land altogether to discuss the issue on ground and request for a thorough Investigation. They invited Wane town elders but they did not honour the invitation, they were busy with the burial of their illustrious son who was found dead at the highway of Wure town. The youths of Wane town even though they heard that the police is Investigating the case, their arrogance refused to be contained, therefore they spit it out on Wure town by murdering three of their women and the children they are carrying as they were coming back from the market at night and to add more grease to their evil, they took the bodies and dumped it by night at Wure highway.

The Wure’s broke out in heated outrage, matched by night to the central habitat at the border of both towns and slaughtered fifteen Wane Indigenes. Meanwhile, the government was at a great disarray on what to do – ‘use the force and the Wure will attack you politically for supporting the Wane, Don’t use the force, Bloodshed continues’.

At the Hills of Wane town, at the outskirt of the town, is a multinational research Institute and Quarry Company. Their staff came from Wure and Wane town respectively. But the company became grounded immediately the fighting heated up. The company therefore needed to act fast. Hence, they engage the service of the Federal Intelligence, complete strangers to both towns. By the craft of Federal Intelligence and the Quarry company, Zelon Associates a new firm came to Wane and Wure town and settled at the central habitat and they pretended not knowing about the fight. “They are here to build estate at Wane town using Wure professionals and to engage Wane youths in the security of the place”. Zelon Associates was very busy meeting the elders in the two town, completely ignoring the fighting and stories about it but rather had much interest in showing the Wure’s and the Wane’s that they have big money bags and are very much ready to spend it on them.

Surprisingly, Don Cloud of Wure and Dante of Wane were found dead on the streets leading to each one’s house the same day. Both are the Arrow heads of the fighting in both communities. While there was suspicion and silence in both towns as to why these two died and who killed them, Zelon invited elders and youths of both town for a high party, insisting that agreement has been reached. Hence, both parties came to see the agreement and at their amazement, Zelon Associates has written an agreement that warmly serves both interests. At the party, Zelon also endeavored to give them cash gifts as they went on reassuring them of its readiness to spend and satisfy them. Everybody was very skeptical of Zelon Associates and its kindness, but no one could dare challenge the fact that ‘making Zelon money has suddenly replaced the envious rift among the two parties’.

After few years of operation, Zelon Associate disintegrated to a company with nine branches scattered among Wure and Wane town. Because the Zelon staffs are everywhere the company is all through both towns, Zelon mixed up the citizens of both communities so well that intermarriages and joint town meetings became essentials and finally sealed up the Divide.