As a Peace Missionary, advocating for peace means speaking, negotiating, interacting with individual personalities, institutions, agencies, corporate bodies, communities, governments, leaders, formal and informal groups with objective of striking an even balance between contending forces so as to bring them to a state of calm orderliness.

This function of advocating for peace is for me, a peace missionary, an essential in the following circumstances

A child/ youth that is sexually molested by family relation, priest, teacher, friend, stranger
  • is shy or scared, for any reason, to speak about it or report the act.
  • has spoken up or reported it but nobody seams to do anything about it or have brought the offender to law., for any reason.
An innocent person who is cajoled / intimidated into a police cell or prison
  • Without a fair hearing
  • By misjudgement of a court
A physically challenged person or a culturally disadvantaged person
  •  whose right is being stepped upon
  • whose life / just aspirations is begin oppressed
An isolated ideology, group,community,culture that is deliberately or systematically destroying the civil existence of any society.

An organization / company that is by its operations deliberately or systematically destroying the civil existence or livelihood of a people, culture.

A government / authority actively or passively using its powers to suppress the civil right or existence of a people, culture,

Striking an even balance in any of these circumstance can mean 
  • bringing the odds to a justifiable state
  • bringing the odds to a commendable state
  • bringing the odds to a point of mutual understanding and acceptance.
It is paramount to note that this work of peace advocacy basically requires a passionate interest / commitment of a peace missionary who can only operate within the limits of his resources.